As a professional writer for more years that I can comfortably admit to, it seems like it’s time that I braved the world of blogs and shared some of my less alarming observations with the world. I’ve chosen this admittedly long name because I don’t wish to be encumbered by any given topic. Shoes? You bet. Like many of my gender, I love them. Ships? Of course. Being half of a cruise travel agency ( and loving cruises, I can’t avoid that topic! Sealing wax? Well, not likely we’ll go there very often, but who can argue with a walrus?* As for cabbages and kings, not likely, but I won’t rule them out. 

I have been a fan of the blogs of several of my friends and they have inspired me. Ron Tierney, Terri Henderson, Marny Marshall Irvin — all three are gifted writers who share their ideas and impressions eloquently if not often enough. Same with Walt Mills, whose American Impressionist blog often meanders into the realm of genius. I only hope that, in time, I find a voice as entertaining and compelling as any of them.

*okay, there’s a slim chance that someone reading this doesn’t recognize this line from Lewis Carroll’s’ Jaberwocky: “The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings…”



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